Book Recommendation: Don’t ever stay stuck again!


 Marnie Makridakis’ book is your antidote to being stuck or feeling low creative energy.

New Book: Hop, Skip, Jump by Marnie Makridakis

In Hop,Skip, Jump you’ll find 75 Ways to Playfully Manifest a Meaning Life and so much more! Each idea is filled with golden nuggets of mind-shifters, new thought paths and idea changers…tools and exercises to help you move your energy that are playful and fun!

These seemingly innocent fun exercises will totally change up your creativity and you’ll love what new ideas and energy explodes!

Marnie’s books and programs always give you a different way of looking at everyday, often boring or even stressful, things in our life. She is true to her brilliance as she shares all sorts of ways to make something boring into something totally amazing, and brilliant if only you thought that way. Marnie helps you “think that way.”

A good book to have beside your desk as a go-to-resource (I don’t recommend it beside your bed, unless you want to be up all night percolating with ideas!).

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