#1 Black Friday Weekend Goodness – Blog Posts Made Easy!

by Laura West.

Welcome to the craziness of Black Friday!

The mere mention of Black Friday still gives me a bit of twitch!

For years I was in the shopping center business and as the Marketing Manager of a regional mall in Chesapeake, VA I was part of the MOD team – Manager on Duty. That meant for six straight weeks during the holidays 3 of us managers took turns being in charge of the chaos (mostly in a good way) at the mall.

Black Friday kicked it all off!

Santa’s parade, visits to Santa, store sales, tons of cars and creative parking, children in cute holiday clothes who dragged their pants on the escalator (while they were playing on it!) and got grease on their new clothes – irate parents, early bird craziness… ah the memories!

I am SO GRATEFUL that I’ve had my own business for the last 18 years and that my amazing boss (me!) gave me the day off!

One of the things I am passionate about in my business is finding ways to make things easier.

That’s why I want to share with you the cool, amazing women at CoachGlue!

They have created 60 blog posts that are already written and you get to do the fun part – edit, customize, made them authentic for your voice!

Easy, peasy! We love that!

They are having a fabulous Black Friday weekend Special so I highly recommend you get it now. Then when you are ready to write you can pull them out and just do the easy part of editing… then schedule for 2019 and bam! Done.

Click Here to Check Out This Package.

Now Only $17 (That’s $30 off!) Through Monday, November 26th.

No coupon required.

They are perfect for Coaches, Consultants, Bloggers, or Service Providers. AND they are only $17 (normally $47) through Monday, November 26th.

Here’s what to do with these blog posts:

Step 1: Don’t let them sit on your hard drive. Have your VA load them up into draft mode in your blog (or do it yourself at night over a glass of wine).

Step 2: The next time you need to write a blog post, choose one of your drafts in your blog that you will use as your starting point.

Step 3: Change the post title. (Use a keyword tool for ideas or come up with something fun on your own.)

Step 4: Infuse a little bit of YOU into the post. Add some examples, a personal story, feature a client or a colleague or a mentor.

Step 5: Add an eye-catching photo / graphic for social media. Hire this out or use an easy tool like Canva or PicMonkey to create a simple graphic with a photo in the background and text overlay.

Step 6: Include a call-to-action / monetization in the posts. Every post should have a goal. So what’s the “next step” for this individual post? Hiring you? Connecting with community? An affiliate link? Buying your program?

Step 7: Publish.

Step 8: Start spreading the word on social media, tell your lists, share with anyone you featured in the post, etc.

Step 9: Repeat with another post the next week. :)

But you’ve got to have them in order to use them. Again, if you only used ONE blog post, it’s still so worth the cost.

Get 60 Done-for-You Blog Posts Here.

Once you grab your blog posts then you can enjoy your holiday weekend knowing you’re already ahead of your marketing plans for 2019! Woohoo!


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