Want To Go To the Beach With Me?

by Laura West

Let’s go to one of my favorite beaches… Come step into the adventure of creating from abundance!

I led a teleclass this week about Creating from Abundance. It’s a different experience when you create from BE-ing the source of abundance rather than looking outside for the source of your abundance.

What you give you receive like the infinity loop. It starts with you.

This week my clients and I took a really powerful deep dive. It goes beyond law of attraction and into creating from our Be-ingness.

Does this interest you?

We will be doing/being/living more of this at the Creative Business Retreat by-the-sea.

Every year I take a small group of women to my hometown beach where we can relax, refuel and rejuvenate our business and our life!

This year it filled up really fast. Alas, someone has personal circumstance that prevent her from coming.

Is this an opportunity for you?

When the universe speaks… Listen!

If you are feeling called and want to talk to see if this is right for you, check out the details about the Creative Business Retreat by-the-Sea here.

I look forward to hearing from you!

To Your Big Amazing Future!

PS: The women who have been on this retreat… well, they keep coming back! That’s the best testimonial there is! And here’s a few kind words from women who have been at the retreat…

Mie Potter from Greenville, SC says: “This is the best gift you can give yourself and your business!”

Marie Fratoni, GetClientsEverywhere.com says: “Laura is one of the most brilliant coaches I know! She’s so smart and creates beautiful experiences. You’ve gotta go to her retreat!”

Carolyn Cooper of SimplyHealed.com shared: “Laura helps me move from my overworked brain to my heart and reconnect to my creativity again. Plus, she attracts the most amazing people! I have so many great ideas to take back home!”

Remember there’s only ONE space left so email me quick to set up a time to talk!

Let the rejuvenation and reinvention begin!

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