Now That I’m Back from That Conference…

by Laura West

Notice anything different? LOL!

Yes, last week I played at being a blonde. I spoke at the Exposure & Profit 5 conference here in Atlanta and then attended a charity wig party! The host, Kelly McCausey, shaved her head at the event to raise money for children’s cancer. It was inspiring and fun!

Now that I am back home… What am I up to?

Why, following up with all the amazing people I met over 3½ days!

In my usual fun, creative and authentic way.

Here’s a peek behind the scenes of what Fun & Fabulous Follow Up really looks like…

  • Well, first my emails are following up with those who signed up for my offer, the next 30-Day Fun & Fabulous Follow Up 30-Day Challenge… so I know they are taken care of.
  • Potential signups – Contacting people who mentioned that they want to sign up for the 30-Day Challenge – mostly emails and facebook messages People have good intentions and everyone gets busy… so I’m giving them an invitation again.
  • Affiliates – Several people want to be an affiliate for the program and some want to talk about possibilities.
  • Get to Know You Conversation/Virtual Tea – checking in with several people where we want to get to know each other’s businesses to see how we might support each other.
  • Retreat conversations – Setting up an appointment with two people who are curious and interested in talking about the upcoming Creative Business Retreat by-the-Sea.
  • Coaching conversations – Two people want to talk specifically about coaching opportunities.
  • Podcast Invitations – Two people mentioned that they are looking for business coaches to interview for their podcasts.
  • Interview Invitations – Another person does a blog interview and wants to have me participate.
  • Thank You’s – then there are several notes I want to write for people whose presentations I really appreciate and I want to follow up and let them know!

It’s really easy to come home from a conference feeling tired and pulled in a lot of other directions… and wow, what an opportunity I would miss if I didn’t set aside time and energy for reaching out and connecting!

This was a particularly big bundle of opportunity because I was speaking and was so visible.

I know you get opportunities like these with every event, conference, lunch, meeting that you have too!

It doesn’t have to be overwhelming. It truly can be easy and fun especially when you do it with your own authentic style. And, have a system!

That’s what we talk about in the Fun & Fabulous Follow Up Program.

I’d love to invite you to participate in the 30-Day Challenge to follow up and reach out to stir up possibility!

We had such a fun and wonderful group last spring when we did this… it’s truly contagious the enthusiasm everyone had for authentic connections!

You can find out more information and how to join us here: Fun & Fabulous Follow Up – 30-Day Challenge.

Let’s have fun and do this together!

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