Are you Spiritual AND Ambitious?

Living a spiritual life means being in alignment with your values and purpose and knowing that there is something bigger than ourselves in this universe.

In many spiritual conversations, there is often an underlying message about how business can be greedy, and be a breeding ground for wanting more power and being in the spotlight in a self-centered way.

That it’s somehow MORE spiritual to be overly humble and that big dreams are really your ego’s doing.

But what if you are secretly (or not so secretly) ambitious?

Ambitious meaning that you have a big vision and deep desire for transforming many lives. Ambitious might mean that your vision is huge for making a difference, or that you have an untraditional approach to traditional ways of doing things and it requires you to speak up!

Sometimes being ambitious can feel like it doesn’t have a place in the spiritual conversation.

That somehow being ambitious is all driven from your negative ego.

That it’s bad or wrong to have such high aspirations.

Or even the thought of “who do you think YOU are” to have this big of a vision.

I recently had a huge insight for myself around being ambitious.

I realized that I am expending a whole lot of wasted energy and compromising my own sense of alignment and peace by only letting my ambition and big dreams squeak out every now and again before I squash them back…for the sake of it’s “too much.”

It’s not spiritual to be ambitious.

Let’s just blow this baby up!

First of all, it’s such a disempowering thought. It immediately makes me feel constricted and tight and makes me want to dampen my light.

It’s always a good clue when there’s constriction energy that what you are thinking isn’t a truth.

How about you?

What are your thoughts and beliefs about being spiritual and ambitious?

Healthy ambition is about creating, expansion, using your gifts for good.

The universe is all about creative expansion! It’s built into the DNA of nature.

And we are a part of this beautiful universe…so we have a natural desire to want to expand.

Business and ambition aren’t good or bad.

It’s the choice to letting it be aligned with your values.

As I have been reclaiming my relationship with healthy ambition and letting it be seen and appreciated.

I feel more free, at peace and comfortable in my own skin.

Ambitious is a part of who I am.

I have big dreams. Big desires to make a difference.

Claiming it and living from my true self brings a sense of alignment – it’s like I can finally breath fully.

What about you? Are you secretly ambitious?

Where have you been holding back your big dreams because you’re thinking it’s not spiritual enough?

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