Are you rowing hard upstream? Let go! Wouldn’t you rather sail downstream?


Do you feel stuck?

Like you’re not moving fast enough?

Do you feel like you are paddling awfully hard
and not feeling satisfied?


You probably intuitively know that it’s now time to do something differently. (But you’ve been resisting, right?)

You could continue to spend your time rowing upstream….

And do the things you’ve been doing because that is what “they” say you should do.

What if there really is another way? And THAT is the way to the success you dream of?

…To embrace your courage and dare to focus on opening up your creative channels, and that by doing so, it will open up the channels in your business.

So that you can sail downstream on the Universal Abundance Current.


What if you work WITH the current and sail downstream toward what is calling you?

What if you followed your natural current?

Where could it take you?

Sharing your passion with more boldness and courage, which will naturally attract more visibility, clients, money, partnering opportunities, and growth.

This is what we’ll be doing in my new Courageous Creativity in Business Mastermind-by-the-Sea program.

We’ll be helping you find your unique current – where you intuitively want to go in your business. And – better yet – doing it with the support of the others in the mastermind so that you really feel as if you’re not rowing upstream – you’ll have support for allowing yourself to sail with your natural creative current. You have your peeps that will help keep you on course…. all while going with the energy downstream.

This is a program for a select group of seasoned entrepreneurs who want to take their creativity, courage, and message to the next level of visibility, authenticity, and success.

If you’d like more details, send me an email and ask for the Information Package. I’m happy to share it with you. (I am sure it will inspire you!)

Once you review the program in more detail, then we can set up a time for a phone call to find out if it’s truly the right program for you.

The deadline to sign up is tomorrow, Friday, February 28, as we are getting started next week! So if you are ready to do things differently – your way – and not row upstream, be in touch with me.

Here’s to your natural creative current!



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