Are you ready to find your creative voice?


It’s not too late to get in on Business Fusion Studio and our first Creative Module, Create An Intuitive Joy Journal.

This Creative Module is a first step to cultivating your creative expression, your unique voice, and claiming your delicious joy!


Why is this important?

  • You need to know what you want – what you dream of – what you yearn for – what your greatest desire is…
  • You’re not just the same as everyone else – this process helps you realize your uniqueness
  • This gives you practice and builds your creative courage muscle!
  • This definitely shifts you to a place of positive possibility…and from there… anything is possible!

Each Creative Module comes with multi-media learning within the module where I demonstrate examples through videos… plus you get worksheets, how-to instructions, supplies, and sometimes even a bonus feature!

Here’s a peek into the easy-to-digest lessons in the Create Your Intuitive Joy Journal Module:

  • Personal Creativity Module – Come on in! Don’t be Afraid!
  • What is an Intuitive Joy Journal?
  • Types of Journals & Which Is Best for You?
  • Supplies You’ll Need for this Project
  • What to Put into Your Intuitive Joy Journal and How to Use It Every Day?
  • Let’s Get Started! Create Your Joy Journal
  • Show us Your Joy Journal!
  • Bonus Feature – How To Make Your Doodles Pop!

You can get just this Creative Module and all its rich lessons for only $47, or you can get the All-Access Pass, which includes 16 Creative Modules, 8 more Creative Tools from awesome Guest Business Muses, and a live monthly call with me. Special pricing on the All-Access Pass ends soon!


Check out the details on the Business Fusion Studio site.


(I believe your Creative Spirit is YEARNING to get out and play. Let’s let her out!)

See you in the Studio!



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