Are you ready for 2014?



Now that the joyful (hopefully it was joyful!) chaos of the holidays has passed, are you finding yourself in a bit of a panic over the start of 2014?

Or… are you still in the holiday haze and just starting to peek out into the new year and wondering where to start?

Let me ask you…

Do you have a Living Business Plan to help you focus for 2014?

One that provides focus, confidence and yet flexibility?

Do you know what products and programs you are creating and when?

Wouldn’t it be a relief to get the ideas OUT of your head and onto paper?

Are you feeling excited about your marketing?

YES, excited! Where it’s fun, creative, authentic AND successful!

Are you clear about your Guiding Goals for the year?

You want to have a map to guide you so you aren’t always just reacting – that is just too exhausting!

Does the idea of planning just make you want to make a face and hide under the covers?

I have a Creative Business Planning System that I’ve been using for years… no boring plans in sight! Those traditional plans DON’T WORK FOR MANY OF US ANYWAY!

Join us next week, and you’ll get off to a great start – and have fun! – by learning my Creative Business Planning System – it’s a system that will actually work for you as a creative type. You will LOVE it! And you’ll use it over & over!

I’ve heard from others who told me that this creative planning system has totally changed their LIFE! They see the potential of their ideas really getting into action… instead of just hoping they’ll get to them!

Sound like something that would be good for your business and your idea-filled mind? Then join me and other creative, smart entrepreneurs for the Virtual Creative Business Studio.

Date: Thursday, January 9

Time: 11:00am – 3:30pm eastern time zone

Location: Virtually! We’ll be meeting via Google+ Hangout and bridgeline, so you’ll be able to see the tools I share in action! Everyone LOVES this!

Price: Only $97 for this creatively rich ½-day virtual experience! Includes 2 hours of live training, video interaction, creative tools, ebook, plus retreat time – really a fabulous deal! 😉


Find out more and sign up for the Virtual Creative Business Studio!


I can’t wait to share this system with you and see your whole 2014 success shift before your very eyes!



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