Anchor Your Day in Resiliency, Optimism, Connection and Creative Power

I want to remind you that you have an open invitation to attend my morning Better Together calls.

They are a powerful way to anchor your day in resiliency, optimism, connection and creative power.

Each day I bring a new theme, tool or topic to talk about so you can find a more resourceful way to embrace your creative power in your life, with relationships, your health and your business.

We’ve covered topics such as…

  • What is yours to do in your business now.
  • How to tap into the Universal Abundance Current.
  • 3 areas of personal leadership.
  • A LovingKindness healing prayer.
  • How to attend to the well-being of your business.
  • And every Friday I led a Guided Wisdom Journey to practice receiving wisdom from Source.

Here are a few words of loving support for the Better Together calls…

“It’s a wonderful anchor for my day!”

“It helps me call into a deeper, richer, simpler way of being.”

“These conversations are helping me find my deeper truth.”

“I’m so inspired by the love and generosity on these calls!”

“Laura, you so model how to be real, transparent and hold a safe container for me to find my self-leadership.”

Please join us today at 9 am Eastern – You can register here.

You only have to register once and then you can come to any of the calls. Make sure you put them in your calendar for each weekday!

Breathing into intentions for a beautiful, loving and supportive Friday!


“Laura is a magically creative, compassionate, and gifted coach. By generously offering daily Better Together Zoom calls, she has given me a safe container to share my feelings, thoughts, and ideas with other like-minded people, as well as providing tools and wisdom with regard to business development during these uncertain times of Covid. Having also had Laura as my business coach, she has taught me new creative ways of marketing that are fun and have enabled me to shift my mindset and find my own unique style of putting my work out into the world. I highly recommend Laura for anyone who wants help with visioning the multiple possibilities of their own gifts and have fun doing it!” ~Allyn St. Lifer