You're invited to theAbundanceFlow Mindset™ Lab

Wednesday, September 13th
12:00 noon ET | 9:00 am PT

In 90 minutes, you’ll experiment and practice with aligning your energy with your deepest desires and dreams so you can create extraordinary success in your life and business!

We are talking about a *new* way to create success that isn’t about struggle and striving…

It’s about Alignment, Authenticity and Approaching life with the AbundanceFlow Mindset™.

This fun, interactive Lab will help you:

SHIFT your resistance, OPEN up your creativity, and FREE you to connect with your own Intuitive Guidance System so that you can receive the magic & miracles that are right around you for your business…and your life!

I’ll guide you as you experiment with a new internal operating system called AbundanceFlow Mindset™.  

For decades, I have been obsessed with studying Law of Attraction  + Manifestation Principles + Spiritual Connection + Creative Productivity.  

This is what I use to create my business success sharing my SoulWork and living a life I absolutely love! (not that it’s perfect, but still feel grateful that I know how to create good stuff even when life isn’t exactly my dream-yet)

Now I want to give you a taste of that in the AbundanceFlow Mindset™ Creative Lab!

You have probably experienced “momentary flow.” It’s when you’re excited about an idea and feeling good one minute, and then bouncing around in the Doubt Vortex the next.

That is exhausting!

Working harder, and soldiering on, isn’t the way. You don’t have to feel like a victim to a tightening economy, uncertainty and the massive changes happening around the world.

There is another way.

The AbundanceFlow Mindset™ process is about creating from an abundance mindset, cultivating flow, co-creating with the universe, and taking inspired actions that will bring about a big shift and results.

In this 90-minute experiential workshop you’ll…

What’s possible when you attend this AbundanceFlow Mindset™ Lab?

Register for the free AbundanceFlow Mindset™ Lab and get ready for the Big Shift!

Laura West knows that when you are aligned with your joy, purpose and unique brilliance – success is inevitable! She has helped 1000s of entrepreneurs and professionals unlock their Soul Work, creativity, and leadership presence.

Laura is the CEO of the Center for Joyful Business, author of The Joyful Business Plan, and host of Joyful Business TV and podcast.  She helps coaches, healers, and purpose-driven entrepreneurs shift the blocks so that they claim their creative leadership, and share their Soul Work in a bigger way…all while making a positive difference and great money!

Laura’s unique approach to success blends conscious business, creativity, spirituality, intuition, positive psychology, and leadership skills with practical marketing.

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