{Freebies} Abundance Affirmations & Journaling Pages

by Laura West

Happy Weekend to you!

I hope you are getting some down time to relax and reflect and just enjoy life!

I like Sunday afternoons to cuddle up by the fire and read something inspirational, journal and fill my well. This is when I watch those videos or read those books/ebooks to expand my knowledge, expertise or even help empower my creative mindset.

I’ve got something special that will help with your creative mindset too!

My newest free gift I just created… it fits right in with this afternoon of aligning your energy and filling your well.

It’s the Best Day Ever Daily Abundance Affirmations and Journaling Pages. I’m so excited about what this will do for you!

This daily practice of following the journaling prompts and saying the Abundance Affirmations will totally align your energy with confidence and abundance possibilities!

It’s all a part of the Heart of Coaching Giveaway. You can get all sorts of inspiration, marketing expertise and advanced coaching techniques.

And, it’s really high-quality stuff!

Check it all out… be mindful… just sign up for the couple of things that really speak to you and where you are in your business growth right now.

Let me know how you enjoy the Abundance Affirmations and Best Day Ever Journaling Pages!


PS: I have a coach in Barcelona who received her affirmations – she printed it out and hung it up so she can see it every day in her kitchen. She is so excited to plug into this energy every day and see what’s possible! Get yours here!

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