A Sneak Peek into Fun and Smart Business


Many of you have been asking about Business Fusion Studio, and what it’s all about, so we decided to give you a sneak peek behind the scenes.


Sneak Peek #1: On one of our twice-a-week team calls, my business manager Dawn said, “You don’t do anything that isn’t fun AND has a smart business reason behind it. That’s you inside and out… both!”


Sneak Peek #2: We’ve done a lot of work (well, some if it’s playful work, and it’s ALL fun!) on the Creative Modules in the Business Fusion Studio.

When you join the Business Fusion Studio, here’s what the step-by-step lessons look like on the inside. (With a few comments Dawn couldn’t help but throw in!) It’s very thorough, and I make it really easy!

Personal Creativity Module: Create Your Intuitive Joy Journal


Creative Marketing Module: Create Easy Photo Tips & Quotes for Social Media


Sneak Peek #3: You may not realize that we’re trying to make the ability for you to “Ignite your Creative Business Spirit” easy and affordable for you, which is why we have a full-pay option, AND a three-pay option, and even a five-pay option!

But remember… the Grand Opening Month pricing ends next week on Friday, May 31.

Join now and you get access to the Creative Modules above instantly!


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How are YOU going to fuse together fun and smart business? I know!!! Business Fusion Studio! 🙂



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