A New Way of Doing Things – Lusciousness Below


As I’ve been working – playing, really! – with the design of my newest mastermind, Courageous Creativity in Business Mastermind-by-the-Sea, I didn’t want to do the same ol’, same ol’ sales page with reams of copy that just go on and on and on…

I feel totally uninspired just thinking about that!

Because that’s not what this mastermind is about. We are breaking bad (so to speak!) and breaking out of the old marketing chains and doing things differently.

More creatively. Authentically. Bolder.

And with a heck of a lot more fun. (Aren’t you craving that?)

So I did what want I want to do… create, dream, play, inspired & found a playground to share it!

I went off to Pinterest and created an oh-so inspiring Pinterest board. I get all jazzed up just looking at the pins.

That’s what marketing is really all aboutgetting you to feelconnecting with your emotions and opening up your heart… and satisfying that lovely brain of yours, too!

Here’s a glimpse at many of the images I used on the board:


Isn’t it luscious?

Doesn’t it make you feel inspired just looking at the photos?


You can see the Pinterest board in action here.


Things are a changin’, and likewise, I’m shaking it up and doing it differently… I’m inviting you to do things differently too!

Starting right now.

I invite you to say a big bold YES to opening up and sharing your creativity and brilliant message in a whole new way.

And if you want more support in this and to immerse in a group of like-minded creative, passionate women on a mission… check out my new Courageous Creativity In Business Mastermind-by-the-Sea.

It’s easy to get more information and take the bold next step. Just email me, put “Mastermind Information Package” in the subject line, and we’ll get your Information Package right out to you!

Take a look, and if you are jazzed about what YOU see… let’s set up a time to talk about if this program is the right next step for you!

Here’s to doing things differently…


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