A New Approach To Being Unstoppable

You know what?


I’m not talking about the “take no prisoners, charge ahead at any cost” type of unstoppable.

I’m talking about the YOU who is unstoppable because you are so aligned from the inside out. Your work is your calling. You can’t not do it. And the WAY you do your work is based on your Unique Beautiful Brilliance.

It’s your Soul Work just urging you to express!

When you are aligned from the inside out, you become unstoppable – in a way where you are creating from ease, grace, trust and a natural unfoldment of your creative expression and the universe meeting you with opportunities.

Sometimes you get hijacked. That amazing connection to your Soul Work….it’s lost or becomes blocked or frustratingly intermittent.

So, how do you get from the “hijacked I can’t do this” to the elegant UNSTOPPABLE?

I’m glad you asked!

I find that the best way for me to get into the unstoppable energy flow is by being intentional about aligning my energy from the inside out.

I make a conscious effort to create from my values, figure out what’s important to me, and find my true voice so I can silence the omnipresent Over Protector Voice (OPV) in my head that tells me to pull back, avoid risk, and stay safe at all costs.

I refuse to let my genius be stifled by an OPV that is intent on keeping me from growing, expanding, or taking chances, so instead I focus on aligning my energy by journaling, dancing, reading something inspirational, or doing something to activate my creativity and open my spirit to new thoughts and ideas.

You know what happens next?

I can actually FEEL my energy expanding and aligning!

My heart beats a little faster, my shoulders tingle, and energy runs like an electric current through my fingertips. I can almost feel my cells lining up! It’s a wonderfully overwhelming sensation that compels me to get up and MOVE!

In that moment, I am unstoppable, assured, and completely alive! I’m ready to share my voice, take on incredible challenges, and let my soul shine its brilliance into the world.

There’s nothing like it, and I want you to experience the unstoppable energy flow for yourself, so here are some practices to get you started:

  • Stop choosing safety. The SAFE message, the SAFE decision, the SAFE choice- they’re BORING!! Boring to YOU! Your soul gets bored. Let your OPV know that they aren’t driving your bus today. You are taking the wheel. Take a courageous risk, try something new, and see what it’s really like to live wide open.
  • Come back to life. Your unstoppable spirit is in there, just waiting to be released. Find the things that make your soul sing- look for the beauty in the small things, connect with nature, invite love and laughter into your life, express creativity without rules or restraint.
  • Choose consciously. A sense of aliveness comes when your energy is truly aligned. You must choose your actions and intentions carefully so you can leap fearlessly knowing that your choices are sustainable, life-giving, and long-term life enhancing.

I want you to move away from the soul-draining lifelessness that’s holding your unstoppable energy flow down.

When you dare to choose aliveness, you’ll see your entire consciousness changing, growing, and radiating from the inside out. That is the moment that you truly become UNSTOPPABLE.

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