50 Places to Go for An Inspiration Date to Ignite Your Creative Ideas


Have an inspiration date at a used bookstore

I’m a firm believer that inspiration happens outside the office. And, implementation happens when you are sitting in front of your computer.

So if you are looking for fresh new, creative ideas, a different perspective or a shift in energy as you create articles, blog posts or work on that digital product, you probably aren’t going to find it sitting there, staring at your computer screen.

It’s time to create an Inspiration Date with yourself!  Much like how Julia Cameron talks about taking an artist date in her book, The Artist’s Way, the Inspiration Date is a planned (or spontaneous excursion) with the intention to fill up your creative well for your business ideas and projects.

It can be as simple as taking an hour and venturing outside your office or get out the calendar and plan a special adventure.  You could even schedule several excursions over the next few weeks to keep that creativity flowing.

Need some ideas for where to go on an Inspiration Date? Here are 50 of my favorite places to go for a change of scenery and perspective.

[NOTE: This list is by Laura West. Ellen Britt compiled the list on Listly. Just scroll down below the screen to see all 50 ideas!]

It’s amazing how the Flowmentum™ starts moving when you shift locations, see beauty, walk in nature or explore something new.

Just getting out of your office will help you see things differently, but when you go on an Inspiration Date with yourself you are setting your intention for new, creative  ideas to emerge through the wonderful visual and sensory stimulation.

I’d love to know your favorite Inspiration Date place. Or an idea you have for a place you would like to go. Click the pink “Add to List” button to add your ideas to the list in Listly and inspire us all!

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