5 Antidotes for Flowmentum Killers

My favorite days are the ones where I have really got my Flowmentum GOING!

You know what I mean – the days where everything feels like it’s coming together. You’re moving along in your business, everything is going smoothly, and you’re excited about the future and its boundless potential.

The problem with Flowmentum is that it never seems to last!

Everything is great, then BAM, doubt and overwhelm creep up behind you and blast you right out of the Flowmentum zone.

Ugh. Flowmentum killers are the worst, but they don’t have to ruin your day!

I’ve had PLENTY of experience with doubt and overwhelm, and that has helped me develop some great coping skills over time. When I feel those joy-stealers start to sneak in, I do 3 things:

  • First, I pause for a minute and take some deep, cleansing breaths to clear my head.
  • Then, I remind myself of what I REALLY want in my life and my business.
  • Finally, I make a conscious choice to respect and follow my Beautiful Brilliance AND Joy because I know they will lead me back to my favorite place – Flowmentum.

Doubt and overwhelm will always be lurking in the background trying to derail you from your course, but you have the ability to take back your power, not fall victim and trust yourself.

It all starts with your mindset.

There are 5 important Mindset Principles that you to practice to keep doubt and overwhelm at bay:

  1. YOU are the author of your life and your business.

    Life isn’t happening TO you, you are co-creating with life, and that means you get to choose your energy, your beliefs, your joy, and your acts of service. You have the power to write your next chapter, not fall victim to whatever is happening around you.

  2. Take responsibility and be a leader.

    Leaders have to make decisions, even when they doubt themselves. When you’re wondering, “Should I reach out to that prospective client?” “Should I follow up after that phone call?” The answer is always, YES! Take action, take responsibility, and be your own leader.

  3. You matter.

    You belong anywhere you want to be, and everything you say, believe, or care about is important. Live your life with the assumption that your conversation, your invitation, and your work matters.

  4. Be willing to go first.

    Breaking ground is a little scary, but if you wait around for others to go first you might never get to the place you want to be! So, step out on that limb and extend and invite someone you’d love to interview. If you want to connect with an influencer you admire, get out there and comment on their Instagram and Facebook posts or send them a message. Taking micro-action can help shift you out of the stuck place and into the flow again.

  5. Work with a good coach to shift the triggers

    We all have our trigger points. As you continue to grow you’ll bump up against those limiting thoughts, beliefs and stories that will pop you out of Flowmentum in a heartbeat! A great coach can help you create self-awareness about your triggers and self-sabotaging habits and create new pathways to empowering beliefs and habits. This can be the difference between getting caught in the same downward cycles and finally achieving the whole-hearted success you’ve been dreaming of!

If you want more Flowmentum in your life, check out the Joyful Business Studio to uncover what’s holding you back in your business, popping you out of your Flowmentum and start growing in a soul-aligned way.

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