30 Day Passion Project Gallery: Karen Creel from GardenChick.com


Karen has an online garden shop and blog called Garden Chick. She offers products inspired by gardens, nature and even old junk!

Her 30 Day Passion Project was a very simple and specific project. She wanted to learn more about Pinterest  and create her first vision boards using photos she has taken of her own gardens.

She knew that Pinterest was an ideal way for her to cross promote her blog on social media and use her beautiful gardening photographs to capture attention, stir up ideas and get them coming over to her store.

Like many of us Karen has a busy life, another job and family demands that don’t leave her a lot of extra time to work on her passion business!  The 30 Day Passion Project helped her focus, provided accountability and was a community who cared that she was successful!

Every step counts!


The Passion Project Passionistas all cheered her success – and liked her vision boards as she created them!

Join us to get your Passion Project out into the world! The deadline to join our next project is quickly approaching!

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