30 Day Passion Project Gallery: Featuring Tina Games


Here’s a beautiful example of taking your  powerful message and adding a program that aligns with your passions and strengths to evolve your business to the next place of growth!

I’ve had the privilege of working for a couple of years with Tina Games , a Life Purpose Intuitive and author of the

Journaling By the Moonlight by Tina Games

Amazon best seller and card deck, Journaling by the Moonlight, A Mother’s Path to Self Discovery.  I’ve seen her shift from a “comfortable passionate’ message into a bolder and more couragous message as a thought leader for creating a Life Purpose Legacy.

In the 30 Day Passion Project Tina took her bold message even further.  She knew there was a “next step”, another place to evolve her message to. Throughout the 30 Days Tina realized it was time to bring in her passion for creating powerful and nurturing communities.  She launched her creative vision for the  “Life Purpose Legacy Network.”

Tina’s Passion Project is obviously going to take longer than 30 days to create, launch and build but the 30 Day incubator gave Tina the structure and focus to claim her next project and take practical steps to create the vision, get the domain, and create the new banner for the upcoming website. Stay tuned as she launches the Life Purpose Legacy Network!

Tina is joining us again for the October 30 Day Passion Project!  I can’t wait to support her in the next phase!

Do you have a next phase of your business that you’ve been secretly wanting to create and launch?  We never seem to have the time to get around to it! 

The 30 Day Passion Project is the perfect creative structure for helping you get clear and focus on what you really want to create next in your business!

I hope you’ll join us! Details and registration at 30 Day Passion Project.

I LOVE hearing about all the possibilities and helping you creatively get into Flowmentum!

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