30 Day Passion Project Gallery: Featuring Marnie Pehrson from IdeaMarketers.com


This is a woman who knows how to get stuff done.  A seasoned entrepreneur who has a very successful business as owner and expert champion at Ideamarketers.com,  in her Create-A-Wow business at MarniePehrson.com…and did I mention she has written over 20 books?

So why would Marnie want to join us in the 30 Day Passion Project?  (Actually twice as she’s with us again!)

According to Marnie, the program helps her keep aligned with her mission and gifts while tapping into the creative flow!  In the last 30 Day Passion Project she wrote and published her latest book during the program and used the material at two events…she says her project was super-charged!  She got it done even faster, better and was inspired to do even more with it when she was in the program.

Wow. Impressive.

Want to dive in the powerful Flowentum with us?  You still can join us!

We launch on Monday, October 1st!  Details and Registration at 30 Day Passion Project!

See you Monday!