{Marketing Magic} Consistently create content your Soul Tribe Loves – easily!

Welcome to a fresh new week of possibilities!

We are definitely seeing signs of spring and warmer weather here in Georgia. Which means, I am getting pulled to be outside more and more every day and less time behind my lovely computer.

As the warmer weather approaches, and hopefully, we see signs of things opening up again, you are going to want to find ways to be even more efficient with creating authentic content for your newsletter, blog and social media – so you can enjoy being outside more!

So today’s article is about “How To Consistently Create Great Content Your Soul Tribe Loves…without losing your mind!”

I hope this helps you to create amazing content – quick! (and that your content really resonates, is inspirational, practical and engaging!)

May you be inspired and today’s Marketing Magic sparks creative ideas for you!

(Oh, in case you noticed…I’ve changed my newsletter to be called Marketing Magic – since that is what so many of my clients keep calling it anyway!)

I hope you have a beautiful, and creative week of much ripple making success!\

How To Consistently Create Great Content Your Soul Tribe Loves…without losing your mind!

I get asked all of the time, how do you create so much?

I am one of those people who see fascinating and creative ideas everywhere. But even I get stuck for ideas and feel the pressure of feeding the never ending opportunities for content. Think: your blog, in your newsletter, on your videos, speaking at events and on social media! Whew!

This year I am making a big shift in my business and with my clients. It’s all about Simply and Amplify.

You can’t be everywhere without losing your mind…or having a much bigger team. So, a great start to amplify your impact is to do fewer things really well.

I’m sharing my list of the top 7 tips for how to create content your Soul Tribe will love…while staying sane!

1. Schedule Time for Publishing and Creating

You need to create a schedule for both. Without a publishing schedule then you are either going to feel like you constantly “should” be putting stuff out there (read: endless pressure!), or you’ll never get around to putting anything out there at all.

This week I worked with a client on her content plan which looks like this: Publish a weekly email message on Sunday and then Monday and Thursday in her Facebook group. Everything else becomes a bonus! And she can let go of feeling overwhelmed and know when she is successful.

To support your publishing schedule you’ll also want to schedule time to create. It doesn’t happen in and around your client work very well. Schedule an hour or two to write, create, or shoot. Actually put it on your calendar! I have an event on my g-calendar that is called “Creating Time.”

Surprisingly having a little bit of “delightful discipline” can take the pressure off and create more freedom from stress and pressure.

2. Marketing Idea Journal

This is one of my favorite things! All of my clients learn about creating a Marketing Idea Journal when we start work together.

This is where at the end of each day you review your calls with clients and colleagues and make notes on what you talked about – including common topics, questions, what resources did you share, what are common dreams and challenges.

When you are ready to write or record – you have a handy list of super relevant topics that your Soul Tribe has already asked you about.

No more staring at a blank screen! And…you already know it’s what they want!

3. Recycle, Upcycle

It’s totally ok, in fact, it’s even smart to reuse content. Or take one step from a 6 step list and create a piece of content about it.

Share it in new ways – if it was an article, then you can make it into a video. If it was a video then make a tip into a photo quote.

4. Simplify

Don’t think you have to be everywhere. It will drain your energy trying to on every platform and to try to maximize every marketing strategy. Pick one social media platform and do that really well.

Decide on one main Beacon Marketing Strategy (an evergreen, ongoing marketing strategy like a podcast, video channel or weekly email tips) and focus all of your time, attention and creativity into building that one main thing and giving the members of your Soul Tribe an amazing experience that will keep them craving more!

5. Use someone else’s content

When you are at a loss or under a time crunch, you can share content from a favorite teacher or mentor (with credit of course) or even buy some PLR (public license rights) content to use when you can’t think of any ideas. Just remember to use their content like a starter mix – add your own flavor and personality to it so it’s not so generic.

If you are a coach, try the smart and easy to use content at CoachGlue.com. As an example, you can get 10 blog posts about vision boards that you can use on your own blog or in your newsletter Easy, peasy!

6. Creative flow

You can intentionally cultivate your creative flow of ideas and increase your productivity without losing your soul and sacrificing your life. Practicing daily success rituals to get your flow, creativity and focus activated is one of my favorite things to incorporate into my day. Just the simple act of lighting a candle and putting on some chant music signals to my body that it’s time to write!

You can get other ideas for daily success rituals with my free ebook, Daily Flow Rituals, 90 Ideas for how to infuse your day with calm, clarity and creativity.

I’d love to hear which of these tips is your favorite!

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PS: Client Love from George Herrick, Soul Deep Living

Laura is as clear-sighted and visionary as a mythic Greek oracle.

I have had the good fortune to work with Laura West as my coach for several years. Whether working on a short-term goal or on a bigger picture such as my business, Laura holds the energy, vision and focus powerfully. At the same time, she is adept at guiding me like a Sherpa through whatever pitfalls, crags and wrong turns life brings as I climb to the peak of my dreams.

While expertly guiding me, Laura is also a compassionate witness to my process. She has the patience to listen to my frustrations, mental and emotional blocks, and self-judgments without ever losing sight of the work we are doing and why we are doing it. She has an uncanny ability to help me find the gold in my real or imagined limitations so I can learn and grow from them, such as showing me how to turn the healing of my own life struggles and challenges, such as my recovery from addiction, into opportunities to help others heal from theirs.

Laura gently but firmly prods me to embrace my own creative abilities, expand them, and lift them up in service to others. Her creativity is never limited to how to do something, but always includes why to do it, when is the best timing, who it may benefit and what else can be done to follow-up or complete the original goal.

Laura is as clear-sighted and visionary as a mythic Greek oracle. When my vision gets distracted by the glitter of fancy, complicated ideas, she sees a way to add punch to my message through simplicity. When I get sheepish about my message, and think small and limited, she deftly guides me to take the risk of being bigger than I thought I could be.

I can’t speak highly enough of Laura, her insights, her creativity, her down-to-Earth practicality and her compassionate and clear-headed wisdom. She has been a great gift for me, my life and my business.

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