It’s Here! Your 2019 Joyful Business Plan!

by Laura West.

Today is the day! We are unveiling my new 2019 Joyful Business Plan!

It’s ready for you to create your best year ever!

This isn’t your stodgy ol business plan… this plan will stimulate your creative right brain ideation and will give your practical left side of your brain enough structure to feel focused.

It’s a whole brain approach to creating a business plan and success in the new year!

This Joyful Business Planning System includes everything you need to create your 2019 plan, as well as, planners so you an use this as a guide all year long!

Here’s what you get in the new 2019 Joyful Business Planning System:

  • 16 Playsheets for getting clear about your business, your offers and marketing strategies
  • 6 Creative Planners for your marketing, social media – for the year, 90 days and DAILY! Never wonder what to do again!
  • 4 Essential Idea and Project organizers and planners – this will help you focus beyond just your yearly planning day! You’ll use these all year long!
  • 25+ short action-packed video trainings so you know how to work with your playsheets and planners and can jump right in!
  • 2 Virtual Planning Retreats – so you have time and accountability to get your plan done!
  • 1 Idea packed Facebook Community for support!
  • PLUS so much more!

For years my clients have raved about my creative approach to business planning. That’s why I put it all together in a beautiful, creative and yet oh-so-practical planning system for you!

If you’re ready to get clear on what your Joyful Business Plan is and make 2019 your year (or something along those lines), you can sign up for the Joyful Business Planning System right here. You’ll get the entire plan and access to 2 year-end Virtual Planning Days with me.

So I KNOW you’re gonna love the additional worksheets and the planning days but you know what I am really excited about?

It’s my Joyful Business Studio!

It’s what I call home base for all my clients.

And, guess what… in the Studio you get the Joyful Business Planning System too! We use the tools and playsheets all year long.

PLUS you get Quarterly planning days when you join us in the Joyful Business Studio.

YES! Really!

In the Studio we work with the Joyful Business Plan all year long. So not only do you get a great business planning system but you also get ongoing community all year long, marketing and mindset training to keep your business growing and creating from a deeply aligned place of authenticity and joy!

If you love the creative planning tools… you’ll absolutely love the Joyful Business Studio even more!

You have two options:

1. Get your 2019 Joyful Business Planning System – You get access to the business plan playsheets, yearly, daily and quarterly planners and two year end virtual planning days.


2. Join us in the Joyful Business Studio and get the 2019 Joyful Business Plan, End-of-the-year planning days, Quarterly planning days and monthly training calls and monthly group coaching calls! All for only $127 a month membership!

Here’s the link for the Studio (and you’ll see you can join monthly or yearly.)

I really want you to have the support you need to not only create a plan that inspires you but to hold the focus (and flow) throughout the whole year!

Go ahead and chose your option and you’ll get instant access to the new 2019 Joyful Business Plan, and trainings… and get in on the December 18th planning day!

From one of my clients…

“Laura has the best tools! With this creative plan I got unstuck and got my ideas out of my head and on paper so I could take action. #besteverplan”

I hope you’ll join us in creating an extraordinary 2019!


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