Notes from a Lifestyle Entrepreneur


Last week I spent an amazing couple of days with my client Margie Beiswanger of Transform Your Brilliance. She is truly stepping out as a creative thought leader in her emerging messages and programs.

We spent time connecting with our creativity and then harnessed that creative flow to get super clear about her own signature system, her magnetic specialty niche, and how all that informs her creative content marketing strategy. It sounds pretty intense… actually, it was intensely easy!

We started by getting clear on her intentions for this retreat time together. Then, we colored. Yep. We got out the watercolor pencils and crayons and colored mandalas while discussing her business and life. Then magic happened! The business and marketing strategy started tumbling out and we switched gears to capture everything with markers and big paper!

This is why I so love creative business retreats!

Maybe you aren’t quite ready for a retreat yet (although if you are, contact me and we’ll talk!), but if you want to grow your business with your creativity, I have something special for you!

The new Creative Business Studio is now open! 24/7 you have a community you can tap into for connection, resources, and creative brainstorming and ideation! Each month I provide you with creative business content and coaching. You also get some cool ArtJoy Tools to shift into an empowering mindset. I get so excited… I could go on & on! If you want to know more, go here. Today is the last day to get the special launch price – if this sounds interesting to you, then come join us!