10X Your Creativity, Money, Joy…and Ease!

This is one of my most powerful mindset tools – the 10x It game!

The imagination is a how your soul creates in the material world. It begins with imagining new possibilities and feeling into what it would be like when those miracles are true in your life and business.

Then listening for the whispers, the urges and inspired actions. It will lead to all new creative ideas, courageous actions and synchronistic opportunities!

You want to start by picking an area of your life or business you want to focus on and expand.

Then think about the practical aspects of expanding it by 10x’ing it. It might seem a bit scary to even think about it.

That’s the JoyFear. Keep acknowledging it and breathing through it.

This process stretches you. It stretches your courage muscles.

It will show you your boundaries of what you are willing to create and receive.

Not all boundaries are bad. It’s helpful to have boundaries when you have other priorities. Those boundaries are also sneaky, they can set up false walls around what you think you are able to create and how.

The universe is wonderfully creative! Remember that!

Let’s play with an idea. Say, you have a membership program and you want to expand it by 10x’ing it.

Let yourself play with the numbers first.

If you currently have 20 members. 10x it and you’d have 200 members. How does that feel? Exciting? Scary?

What would help make attracting 200 members exciting?

What would have to happen for you to feel you could handle this with ease? Brainstorm and write down these ideas.

What about if you 10x it the other way with how much you charge? Let’s say you charge $97 for your membership. What if you 10x the price? $997?

Don’t shut the idea down too soon. You may not want to actually have a membership at this price, but let yourself go to the place and imagine charging $997 a month.

What would you offer each month for $997? Maybe they get private coaching? A special box in the mail? High level case studies? Virtual retreats? Stretch your imagination!

New ideas will come into your awareness and you’ll feel compelled to take action. You may never decide to charge $997 a month but it will give you new fresh ideas and energy!

Going back to the example of 10x the number of members to 200. What if you 10x the ease and support? What would need to happen? Maybe you’d need to hire a support person to help you manage the program.

What if the marketing were 10x easier and more fun? Who would YOU need to be for the marketing to be easier and more fun? More authentic? Being willing to be more visible with your message? More creative. Share your voice more fully without apology? Transform your fear of marketing? Hire a coach?

What would it feel like to ALLOW 10x the success? We all have a built in thermostat for how much success, love, joy and support we will allow in. In order to be more (successful, loving, creative, peaceful, visible, etc) we need to courageously stretch ourselves to receive more in.

Remember when you stretch and 10x your success, you also have to stretch and 10x other areas…10x the receiving, 10x the abundance, 10x support, 10x the joy!

Have fun 10x-ing a project and your business! I’d love to hear what comes up for you!

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